COPS Finance: The Next Big Player of DeFi

COPS is a DeFi protocol and ecosystem that embodies the decentralized finance vision by allowing anybody with an internet connection to use DeFi services. COPS is one of a kind in that it offers a completely stable and open DeFi experience, complete with audited smart contracts and an indomitable token lock system.

Many people who aren’t acquainted with blockchain technologies mistake cryptocurrencies and the DeFi craze for the latest “hot investment,” similar to the “” bubble. Others are fascinated by the possibility of Satoshi Nakamoto vision becoming a reality. COPS’ goal is to use its Cop Swap exchange and Launchpad services to eliminate fraud in the emerging token issuance industry and to eventually achieve real decentralization by giving users access to banking services like lending, investing, and saving while receiving respectable returns on their savings.

Many fads and trends have come and gone in the cryptocurrency space over the years. Although several different cryptocurrency models and ventures gained initial traction, only a handful were able to maintain their popularity and become a regular “necessity” for ordinary users. In the form of Decentralized Finance, a revolutionary opportunity has introduced a new age of decentralization of blockchain and cryptocurrency usefulness (DeFi). The majority of banking services are now accessible via blockchain. The DeFi movement in general, and the COPS protocol in particular, can destabilize the legacy economy banking cartel’s existing monopoly over conventional financial products.

DeFi — The Ultimate Blockchain Frontier

COPS Finance — The next big player of DeFi

Why COPS Finance?

1. Staking:

Many yield staking/farming pools seem to have a higher APR return on the surface. These incentives, on the other hand, serve as an “introductory APR cost” to draw liquidity, and are typically depleted with time as a result of expanded token circulation from minting, which debases current tokens by inflation.

With this in mind, all of these platforms’ yields may normally decrease over time. Users can benefit from getting a set return amount on their COPS token stakes thanks to COPS. These returns are guaranteed to be sustainable and delivered according to COPS’ tokenomics before the burn cap of 13950 is reached, after which point the pools will close and new pools based on LaunchPad tokens will appear.

COPS Finance was created to simplify the staking process. The process only involves a 72-hour lockup period, which starts when staking begins. After the maturity period has passed, the user can withdraw the tokens and also the interest earned at any time. Although tokens are staked all over the platform, earned rewards may be collected at any time for nothing besides the gas fee. Due to demand pursuing a decreasing supply, stacked tokens often reduce the circulating stock, which has a positive effect on the market.

The following is the breakdown of the staking process:

Staking Fee (COPS)

The staking fee is gathered and burnt after every 3 months.

Stake Entry Fee: 1.5%

Stake Exit Fee: 0.5%

Minimum Stake Lockup: 72 hours

Every three months, the COPS tokens received by staking fees would be burnt. When each burn is completed, the transaction information will be recorded in the COPS official Telegram Announcements channel. Once a total stock of 13,950 COPS Tokens has been exhausted, all burns will be halted.

COPS Staking would be long-term feasible because it is not based on COPS token inflation beyond a certain stage. This is owing to the ongoing burn mechanism, which seeks to wipe out all COPS tokens obtained by staking and farming. To get steady returns over time, there must be an “income” to cover inflation. Staking incentives will be provided across a range of ecosystem payments, including a 1% fee in the LaunchPad project tokens, with 40% of the tokens used for staking, until the initial pool of 5595 COPS has been allocated through staking.

2. Accessibility:

3. Security:

COPS has been audited and certified by Blockchain Consilium, a leading blockchain auditing firm, to ensure the highest reliability. All new start-up projects will be subjected to the same security protocols to launch on LaunchPad. Finally, COPS promises to offer bug bounties to anybody that can find and highlight code inconsistencies, as well as quickly patch them to prevent protocol vulnerabilities.

4. Intuitive Governance Model:

5. NFT Farming:

A Non-Fungible Token is a unique commodity that cannot be exchanged for other properties of the same kind. Trading card games, digital art, and video game avatars and add-ons have all been used in NFTs in the past.

Non-fungible tokens are used to establish verifiable digital scarcity, digital possession, and asset interoperability through platforms. NFTs are used in a variety of applications that include unique digital objects, such as crypto art (rare art), crypto-collectibles including CryptoKitties, crypto-gaming, and now, with COPS NFT 2.0, as a bonus for long-term farmers.

6. Farming:

7. Lending:

8. COPS LaunchPad:

COPS Finance will help these new start-ups meet the highest standards through securing their tokens in fully audited smart contracts and upholding the appropriate Tokenomic schemes depending on the project’s specific use-cases and complexity across a range of advisory and production services. Projects who meet these stringent standard criteria will be eligible for the Cop Swap exchange and other special COPS accelerator programs.

9. Low Market Capitalization:

10. COPS Token Distribution:

COPS Tokenomics

Total Supply- 18,000

Circulating Supply- 18,000 (At time of publishing)

Uniswap- 4860 (27%) fully distributed.

Staking & DAO- 6300 (35%) Locked under smart contract.

Development- 3,240 (18%) Used for development and exchange liquidity.

Marketing- 900 (5%) 8 month lock.

Team & Advisors- 2,160 (12%) 12 months vesting.

RESERVED- 540 (3%) used for incentives and emergency funds. Unlocked


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Cops Finance is a community-led decentralized platform built on Blockchain Technology that offers a wide range of DeFi solutions on a single platform.