How to stake?

What you will need?

A WalletConnect-Compatible Wallet on your smartphone or laptop.


COPS tokens up to a maximum supply of 18.00K.

Staking Process

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: You need to connect your wallet. Click on “Connect”.

Step 3: You will then see a QR code to scan and connect your WalletConnect-compatible wallet.

Step 4: After connecting your wallet, it will display the amount of COPS tokens in your wallet.

Step 5: Then, you need to deposit COPS tokens. After you deposit you will receive some amount of rewards.

Step 6: Now, you need to enter the amount of COPS tokens you want to stake.

Step 7: You will now see a pop-up window that displays the details like the Gas Fee. You need to check it and confirm the same.

Step 8: Then a permission window opens up that displays the transaction fee associated with the request.

Step 9: Once you confirm the request, the COPS staking process will be completed.

Find out more about COPS Staking:

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