Introduction to Cops Finance — Game changing Defi Project

Decentralized Finance represents the future backbone of the blockchain industry and there is an immediate need for a trustworthy way to transact with each other is becoming ever more important.

As the traditional finance & Crypto industry continue to converge, we believe the stage is set for a NFT & Defi Revolution.

DeFi, which is short for decentralized finance — it’s the notion that Crypto entrepreneurs can recreate traditional financial instruments in a decentralized architecture, outside of companies and governments.

Non Fungible Tokens or NFT, are a new type of digital asset. Ownership of assets will be summarized on Blockchain — Networks that will be used by Bitcoin, Ethereum.


Cops Finance is a community-led decentralized platform built on Blockchain technology that offers a wide range of Defi solutions on a single platform. Cops Finance is a decentralized platform that developed on Ethereum network & is a utility token that can be used to create NFT’s. Cops Finance vision for NFT’s are to utilize them in a multifaceted way & you can create your own NFT’s using our ecosystem.

Overview of Cops Finance DEX (CopSwap)

In our world today, all financial transactions go through a centralized custodial service provider because of counter party risk ( a risk that your asset may not be received after you might have paid in advance).

Cops Finance uses a Decentralized Exchange that is focused on cross-chain and Non-custodial transactions where assets from both parties are held in escrow with the help of smart contract and exchanged only when all requirements are met eliminating all counter party risk.

Industry Leading Features of Cops Finance DEX

1. NFT — The value of utility tokens is limited to the platform and they do not represent an actual tangible asset. To solve this dilemma, Cops Finance introduces NFT’s to the platform.

2. Users first — Cops Finance works under the principle of participation and users opinions matter, their choices reflect in the governance of the ecosystem and value of the native token.

3. Transparency & Privacy — Transparency and privacy are at the core of Cops Finance vision. As technologies evolve users are offered with new layers of sophistication with each passing day.

4. Accredited Auditing — In the age of rising crypto scams and hoaxes, we are committed and all our protocols, smart contracts are carefully scrutinized by an accredited auditing firm.

5. Verifiable by Community — In addition to auditing, we also ensure enhanced security by making corresponding addresses public so that the Cops Finance community can verify the authenticity.

6. Embracing the Best — Cops Finance follows a scalable structure that will embrace the best practices in the industry and constantly upgrade its tools and modules for the growth of the community & native token.

7. Launchpad — The Cops Finance Launchpad will promote up and coming projects that wish to contribute legitimate services to the crypto space by helping to build their token platform.

Cops Finance Governance

Cops Finance is not about taking from the larger community, It’s about giving it back.

More Access and More Rewards.

More about will be Explained in the whitepaper. What are the other plans for Cops Finance? Stay Tuned for more information about this project. Connect with Cops Finance :-


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Cops Finance is a community-led decentralized platform built on Blockchain Technology that offers a wide range of DeFi solutions on a single platform.